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Because our portrait packages are the result of a creative collaborative portrait session between you, Tracy and her team, no two are the same. So no two are priced the same. Each package is individually crafted to fit your specific business needs. All the details from tone, mood, wardrobe, position, location, and backdrop must be planned for ahead of time.
Corporate portraits are perfect for entrepreneurs, small business owners, professional writers, freelancers, and any other industry professionals whose branding calls for an all-encompassing visual package that goes beyond capturing each individual.
From promotional materials, website branding, and stationery, to social media marketing and digital media. We provide a personalized custom photography collection to support all your visual branding needs.
It is our goal to create a customized package that best meets the specific corporate portrait needs for you and your business. Please fill out the following for in as much detail as possible so that we can create the perfect customized package for you.


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