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The Importance of a Professional Real-Estate Business Headshot

By June 20, 2017 September 18th, 2017 HEADSHOTS, PORTRAITS
Jessica Scensson smiling for her Real-Estate Headshot with Tracy Wright Corvo

Professional Real-Estate Business Headshots 

Why all real-estate agents need a professional business headshot. 

One of the most common headshot sessions I book are for local Hawaiian Real-Estate agents. With Real-Estate being one of the largest occupations here in the islands, it goes without saying that competition is high, and it truly comes down to who get’s the call first. So, how do you get the call first? How do you inspire potential home buyers or sellers to reach out to YOU instead of one of the many other agents listed? One of the best ways to stand out amongst the sea of other agents is the quality of your headshot. 

To share more on the important of a quality, professional real-estate headshot is my client, and local real-estate agent, Jessica Svensson with RE/Max. 

Real-Estate Headshot with Tracy Wright Corvo
Jessica Svensson posing for her Real-Estate Headshot with Tracy Wright Corvo

Jessica posted on her own Hawaii Homes blog about her visionary real-estate business headshot experience with us, 

“Let’s say a potential client is scrolling through a list of agents on a real estate company’s website, attempting to choose who they’d like to have represent their property. Who do you think they would pick; The agent with the poorly lit, self-taken portrait? Or the agent with a professionally taken, well lit, and attractive portrait? As an agent, you need a business portrait that stands out and conveys professionalism.

Having a good business portrait shows that you’ve invested the time, energy, and money to present yourself well. Ultimately, the image people see of you reflects and represents how you run your business. As part of a real estate company, your business headshot also reflects the company’s professionalism.

That’s why it’s absolutely essential that your business headshot is done by a professional photographer. Tracy Wright Corvo is hands down the best headshot photographer on the island of Oahu.

Personally, I’ve found that my headshot forces me to make sure I look presentable all the time. Because my headshot is readily available on my business card and website, I know that people expect a high level of professional dress, makeup, and attitude from me. Knowing that my headshot has made a positive impression motivates me to raise the bar in real life.”

Learn more about Jessica and see how she’s using her headshot to stand out with RE/Max and give back to our local Hawaiian community here. Aside from being an up-most professional in the Real-Estate industry, Jessica donates a percentage of every transaction to the Children’s Miracle Network. 

Headshot of Tracy Wright Corvo

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I am a headshot and commercial brand photographer based in Honolulu, Hi.

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