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Brand Photo Session with Healing for the Healer’s Soul

By January 27, 2016 April 24th, 2018 COMMERCIAL, HEADSHOTS, PORTRAITS

Emma Mitchell and her Healing Bowls on Tracy Wright Corvo

Brand Photo Session 

With Healing for the Healer’s Soul.

At the end of this last year, I had the opportunity to work with local healer Emma Kupu Mitchell, owner of Healing for the Healer’s Soul here on Oahu. She was working with a local website designer and developer team, Julie Harris of Whiskey & Red and Chase Norton of Chase Life.

They wanted to infuse as much of Emma’s calming presence as possible into her new website and hired me to help capture that presence through branded site photography. We had a two and a half-hour studio session working both inside and outside of the studio to capture as many options as possible to showcase Emma’s vast array of healing services.

We took headshots, portraits, and branded stock photography for use on the site as well as promotional materials and social media. It was wonderful to work with Emma.  She was so prepared for her session and I was very interested in all that she does. She brought a variety of outfits and all her props. She even had her best friend with her to help us out and help us style the shots in a timely manner. We were on a tight schedule because she had a video shoot right after her photo session, but she was so willing to go with the flow and together we were able to get all the shots she needed for her new website. It was a pleasure to work with Emma and I wish her all the best.

Emma Mitchell of Healing for the Healer's Soul on Tracy Wright Corvo Photography

“Aloha I’m Emma Kupu Mitchell a lover of vibration sound color and light – a holistic healer, yoga teacher and intuitive. I’m passionate about helping people heal themselves, finding their greatness, so they can return to wholeness and be who they truly are.

I believe everyone has the ability to heal themselves- I just assist in remembering!

I had a new website created and needed headshots and photos for my site. It was important to get photo’s that represented who I am and my work. 

Julie Harris, (my awesome web designer) recommended Tracy- as a good fit, and she certainly was. I loved her energy and professionalism and gift of knowing what would best represent me and my work. 

Tracy had amazing energy and connection – and as soon as I arrived she made me feel comfortable and at ease so I was able to have fun and enjoy the session- often I’m very nervous having my photo’s taken (this didn’t happen!).

Her studio is gorgeous and easy to feel relaxed in such a beautiful environment- her make-up artist knew how to make me look great but like me!! no heavy makeup – but enough so the photos looked great and reflected who I was.

Time flew by with Tracy and she was able to get so many different shots that I could use on my website that showcases all that I do in my healing work along with some fabulous headshots. 

Emma Mitchell of Healing for the Healer's Soul on Tracy Wright Corvo

I was able to view the photo’s during the whole process- on her computer screen which was pretty cool- so she kept me involved in which way the photos were going…which I loved- great client communication!

So when the final photos were emailed in a day for me to chose it wasn’t a complete shock or overwhelming – as we were on the same page during the whole process!

Emma Mitchell Commercial Branding Portrait on Tracy Wright Corvo Photography

Emma Mitchell of Healing for the Healer's Soul on Tracy Wright Corvo Photography

It was probably the best photo session I’ve ever had for weaving fun, professionalism, and productivity – with a fabulous end result- Tracy’s work makes my website come alive!! I am beyond HAPPY! 

Would I recommend Tracy? Absolutely YES!! She is the best!! I’d happily do another session tomorrow just for the fun!!”  

Emma Kupu Mitchell

Healing for the Healer’s Soul: http://healingforthehealerssoul.com/

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