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What is a Comp Card?

By January 24, 2017 September 18th, 2017 Uncategorized
What is a comp card example

A question that I get all the time is…

What is a Comp Card?

A comp card (also called composite card, z-card, zed card or sed card) is a collection of portraits used as a marketing tool for models and actors. Comp cards serve as the latest and best of a model’s portfolio and are used like a business card. 

Usually there are two sides to the card, in the style like a postcard and printed on card stock. Modeling agencies will often display their model and actors’ comp cards at the agency. Modeling agencies send comp cards to photographers, art directors, and others to advertise new talent. Models and actors also send out their own cards to show their updated looks.

The  *FRONT side of the card is usually where one large headshot is placed along with the model or actor’s full name. Often the modeling agency will have their contact info and logo there as well. 


Male Comp card front site example

The *BACK side of the card can then have 2-4 different “LOOKS” that showcase the model from full-length (head to toe) or in 3/4 length poses. Information about the model is included along with any pertinent contact information.


Male Comp Card Back Side Example
Example of Kids Comp Card
Front of Comp Card Example
Back Side of Comp Card Example

At my studio, clients are provided with their selected retouched digital photo files so that the client or the agency can create the comp cards. A letter of permission is included so that clients are able to use the photos and make their own prints. 

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