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I am Tracy Wright Corvo. I live and work in Honolulu, Hawaii.

I am a former teacher and a professional photographer. I have a vision for a new online business that would service homeschool parents by providing fun, educational lessons that enrich their children’s curriculum by integrating arts, science and photography. I have taught a large variety of photography workshops and summer school classes to students ages 9 to adult and would love to reach more students.

If you have time to answer some or all of these questions it would be incredibly helpful to me. I am passionate about teaching and learning and really would love to share my experience and foster more creativity in young people.

If you prefer to chat by phone – I am happy to set up a call with you! Thank you for your time!

I will NOT spam you or share your info! I may invite you to a GROUP that I am starting but there is zero obligation to join. This info is strictly for me and my research so I can make sure to serve the actual needs of Homeschool Families.