All digital images need some degree of processing and retouching. Why? Because it is the nature of digital imagery.

The human brain does not see images the same way as our digital devices. Digital images are so mercilessly sharp that even the smallest flaws are not only viewable but also emphasized.

In this digital photography age, taking the photos is only half of the process; the second half of the process is post-production where we, as photographers, create the final signature look of the images that we deliver to our clients.

When viewing your proofing gallery, you will see your images have already been processed for basic color corrections and contrast. The combination of professional makeup and lighting also adds an attractive element to the overall photography results. That said, it is our policy to provide only the highest quality and professional digital images to you – images that you are not only proud of but can not wait to share across all your visual marketing platforms.

We will retouch every high-res digital file that leaves our studio. All of your selected headshots and portraits will be retouched in order to present you in the most polished and professional way possible.






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Standard Headshot Retouching

($50 per file)

Here is what is included in our retouching of any headshots that come with your package or are purchased additionally.
  • Blemish removal
  • Facial line reduction
  • Brightening the eyes and removing redness
  • Teeth lightening and minor repairs
  • Skin softening
  • Eye Enhancements
  • Removing stray hairs
  • Removing lint from clothing

Specialty Retouching

($75+ per file)

Includes full headshot retouching as listed above and then may need these advanced alterations:

  • Major alterations to skin on neck and chest area
  • Major alterations to hair
  • Major alterations to face
  • Adding or removing objects
  • Removing excessive wrinkles in clothing
  • Detailed cosmetic alterations (slimming of the figure etc.)
  • Altering colors of backgrounds or clothing