Where is your studio?

Tracy’s studio is located at 4016 Black Point Road, Honolulu, HI 96816

Diamond Head/Kahala neighborhood. Free parking on the street or in the driveway.

Tracy Wright Corvo Photography Studio Location

Why do I need a professional headshot?

Having a professional headshot is crucial to personal branding and your professional image. Whether you are an innovator, educator, artist, executive, or entrepreneur, the ability to visually communicate you is crucial.. Headshots are so much more than a close-up of your face,  but a valuable communication tool used to express who you are and what you do.

Why does my business need professional headshots?

“​You do not build the trust of your customers by showing them your company, you build their trust by showing them you.” Having a professional presence on-line is crucial in today’s marketplace. A cohesive collection of headshots for your team strengthens your brand and communicate your professionalism to potential clients.

As a business professional you are looking for more visibility, engagement, inquiries, and sales. A powerful professional headshot serves as more than just a visual marketing tool but a creative partner, helping deliver these solid results by elevating and expanding your brand’s message and serving to communicate with your target clientele.

Business Editorial and Branding Portraits and Headshots | Tracy Wright Corvo Photography

What is the difference between a HEADSHOT and a PORTRAIT?

A headshot is generally a close-­up style shot of head and shoulders that the subject uses for branding, marketing and for identifying themselves in the marketplace. Headshots by may in studio or on­-location. The subject’s expression is approachable and confident.​ Subject is looking at the camera. The goal is to recognize/identify the subject. All on-line social media outlets use profile pics which are headshots. In my business headshots refer to business headshots, actor headshots and my modeling headshots for kids and teens.

A portrait is any other kind of shot of a person. The options are limitless. Closeups, 3/4 lengths, full body shots, in studio or on location where the setting may be important to the story of the portrait. Expressions can really show any kind of emotion and subject may not even be looking at the camera. Portraits can be of one person or more than one person. ( In my portfolio I have portraits of individuals, siblings, families, business teams, couples etc.) Photographers have great artistic and creative license to capture a subject and tell a story.

A headshot could be a portrait but a portrait is not necessarily a headshot. The main difference being that a headshot is a professional representation of the subject for the desired use of the photograph, while a portrait is an artistic representation of the person.

A business owner may elect to have a studio headshot taken then have a variety of portraits taken at their place of business. These shots are sometimes referred to as environmental portraits. Or they may want a variety of poses in studio that tell the story of who they are. I would refer to these as business portraits.

Headshots v.s. Portraits FAQ Tracy Wright Corvo

What is the difference between an ACTOR headshot session and a BUSINESS headshot session?

Generally, business headshot clients are looking for a select few headshots that show themselves to be confident and approachable. They want to use their headshots for social media, websites, and business cards. They may change their outfits but their expressions tend to be friendly and we capture them naturally.

Actors usually need a wider array of expressions so that they have a solid variety of bookable looks ­ i.e. the bad guy, the sexy guy, the guy next door, the boss, the commercial look, an intense look etc…Actor headshots take more time and yield a larger number of proofs.

Actor V.S. Business Headshot Session Example 1 FAQ Tracy Wright Corvo

What is a “Comp Card” or “Z card’?

A comp card, also referred to a composite card, z card or zed card is a marketing tool for models using a current headshot and the best 3 looks from the model’s portfolio.

Professionally used as a model’s business card for casting calls, agency auditions, and other professional employment opportunities where visual branding is necessary.

Do you have group rates for office teams?

Yes! We have a totally portable system for taking headshots on site. Please contact us with the details of what you need or fill out our Power Team Form




What should I wear for my shoot?

Please click on the recommendations page that best fits your styling needs:

Women          Men          Kids + Teens

Do I need professional hair and makeup styling?

This service is offered only to women and teens. It is not recommended for our gentlemen clients and is not available for children. We highly recommend investing in our professional hair and makeup stylist. It greatly affects the professional appearance of your overall headshot results and helps emphasize and capture all your best features. All professional hair and makeup styling is paid directly to your stylist on the day of your shoot.

Do men need hair and make up services?

We don’t recommend or provide makeup services for our gentlemen clients. We do recommend that men see their regular hair stylists for a fresh cut and if you want a clean look, then make sure to shave the day of your shoot. Retouching of skin will be done after the session using a professional retouching software, Photoshop.

How long will my professional hair and makeup services last?

Generally 1 to 1 1/2 hours. We have a special form with information about how best to prep your hair and skin before your photoshoot.

Do I need a professional wardrobe consultation?

We always recommend adding on a wardrobe consultation before our shoots. Wardrobe consultations can be conducted via phone, video chat, or live in person with Tracy and/or one of her stylists. We’ll discuss in detail the visual organization of your looks to ensure a consistent and professional final image.

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellations require 7 days prior to booking date for a full refund of your $100 deposit. Cancellation requests less than 7 days prior to scheduled booking will forfeit their deposit. We must have this policy as our studio holds your date and time just for you. And if you have booked one of our stylists for hair and makeup, it is a loss of business for the stylist as well.

What happens during my photoshoot?

Tracy shoots all her sessions tethered to a large monitor allowing you to view your headshots as they are taken. Tracy collaborates with you every step of the way from posing, expressions and helps you design the best looks to guarantee your satisfaction.

What do you mean when you say ``look``?

A complete visual transformation. An outfit and change in wardrobe and styling. For example, for a business headshot session you might wear formal business attire for one look and a less formal shirt for a more relaxed casual look.

For an actor session, you might want to change your clothing and your hairstyle to achieve a variety of castable looks. Often times a man will do a scruffy look, followed by a clean shaven look to demonstrate character flexibility, while a woman with longer hair will often do a look with their hair down and then their hair up to show their physical versatility.

Looks Example One FAQ Tracy Wright Corvo

Looks Example 2 FAQ Tracy Wright Corvo

What do you mean by ``location``?

We have a number of different options of where to hold your session. “In-studio” means in our studio. “Outdoors” means just outside our studio area. “Location” signifies a separate place such as a business location, park, beach, home, office, city block, landmark where you would like to be photographed at. Depending on your specific package and shoot, we might be shooting you in one or even many locations with in one session.

What do you mean when you say my shoot will be ``tethered``?

All sessions are shot “tethered” to a large monitor allowing you to view your portraits and headshots in live time as they are shot.

This means that as your photos are being taken, the camera is connected to a larger monitor, or LCD screen, allowing you to see each headshot as it is taken, in real time. This allows Tracy to coach you into the best poses and expressions, ensuring that you get the best headshots possible.

You will know what you are getting before you leave the studio, and you will love it.

What happens after my photoshoot?

Tracy and her team will process and retouch your final selected headshots and send them to you via HIGHTAIL.COM downloadable file. If you have opted to receive a proofing gallery, Tracy will send you an email with a link to your online gallery. Once you have selected your headshots, the files will be retouched and your final headshots will be sent to you in a downloadable link.

How do I pay for my shoot?

Your initial down payment and $100.00 booking fee are made here, online, through our online shop. You’ll pay the remainder of your fees to Tracy the day of your shoot. Or, you can pay in full right away if you choose to do so as well. Tracy accepts all major Credit Cards or cash paid in person.

How are my retouched files delivered to me?

You will be provided with an online proofing gallery where you can view and select the images you want for your package. Then once your selections are retouched and finished, a final downloadable file will be delivered to you via HIGHTAIL.COM. Your folder of headshots will include both high resolution files for printing and low resolution files for internet and email use.

What does ``retouching`` mean?

All digital images need processing to produce a polished professional look. Retouching is done after the session, by Tracy or a member of her team using a professional editing software such as Photoshop to alter and improve resulting in a  more desirable final image, enhancing your overall appearance. Please see our Retouching Services Page for examples.

Do I get all my photos from my session?

No. You only get the finalized retouched images that are included in your package. If your package includes 2 retouched digital files then you will be getting only those two images along with various croppings of those images for creative use. You’ll receive both high and low resolution versions of your final retouched digital files for both web and print use, but you will not get to keep all the other unselected images from your shoot. You may purchase additional images for an additional price per digital retouched file.

Am I allowed to make my own prints?

Yes, included in your final headshot download file will be a letter of permission from Tracy so that you may make your own prints at a vendor of your choice.

Do you have a satisfaction policy?

Y​es! All headshot work is satisfaction guaranteed. Because all clients see their headshots before leaving the studio, it is rare that a client is unhappy with their headshot. But if you are unhappy with your headshots in any way, please talk to Tracy about a possible reshoot or re­working of the retouched file. If you do not like your photos because you do not like your hair, makeup, or clothing, that is not the photographer’s fault, but please do still talk to Tracy so a resolution can be determined.

If you are still looking for more information, please feel free to email us at