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STEM girl student photoshoot with Tracy Wright Corvo BLOGCREATIVE PROJECTS

STEM Girls

STEM GIRLS I am working on new portrait project in hopes of empowering more girls and young women to pursue projects, education, and careers in STEM. I am looking for…
Julie Harris
November 1, 2017
Meet the Makeup team on Tracy Wright Corvo BLOG

Meet the Team: Dorys Foltin MUA

We always recommend professional hair and makeup styling for all our teen and adult female clients. While there are a number of professional stylists who work closely with Tracy on…
Julie Harris
February 21, 2017
Freddy playing guitar in desert with dog BLOGPORTRAITS

Santa Fe

Santa Fe Editorial Portrait Photography Workshop with celebrity photographer, Victoria Will. During the last week of July I attended Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. I took an editorial workshop with NYC photographer Victoria…
Julie Harris
August 16, 2016