Tracy did an awesome job at making me feel comfortable and welcome. She was professional and cheerful. Her expertise in photography really showed and my photos came out great. I was in and out quickly. It just goes to show how amazing Tracy is!
Evan Murakami
Listing Manager / Keller Williams Honolulu
My new headshots turned out fabulous due to Tracy’s amazing photography and retouching skills! I am super happy with them and I have never been "super happy" about any professional headshots in my entire career. Tracy helped me select the best shots and delivered the final retouched photos to me quickly, in time to meet my deadline. It was an absolute pleasure working with her. I don't want to use anyone else but Tracy for future professional photography!
Chenise Iwamasa
New to the modeling scene, Tracy was an excellent coach and an amazing photographer. Her personality is one of a kind, and fun to work with. I can't wait to have my photos taken by her again!
Marcus Brown
Model / Niche Models and Talent
Absolutely delighted with my headshot results! Tracy is fun, professional and joy to work with. Just great, comfortable, amazing energy that allowed me to feel comfortable with her and the entire process. Would recommend her without hesitation!
Karen Murashige
Waenergetics, LLC
I think what set Tracy apart for me was just how knowledgeable she was about the camera, lighting, facial expression, posture, etc. It was more than just about her taking a great photo, it was about her ability to help me elicit the emotion and look that I would want to see and utilize over and over again. Thanks Tracy! Your passion is inspiring.
Will Yeh
Realtor-Associate / Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties
We hired Tracy to take photos of our clients at our Annual Hawaii User Conference that they could then use for LinkedIn and other social media. The feedback we got was incredible as our clients love Tracy and her team and were very excited and appreciative of us offering this as part of our meeting. We have already hired Tracy again for next year's meeting!
Ryan Filek
Sales Executive / Kronos
Tracy has done my corporate headshot as well as my acting headshots and I cannot give enough praise! She's an amazing artist who really has a keen eye for photography. Her warm spirit helps you to feel comfortable and relaxed and she's excellent at giving direction to encourage the best look in every shot. If you're not absolutely in love with your headshots, it's time to see Tracy!
Actor and Theatre Teacher
Well, I received multiple interview requests based on my new headshots alone! At every single meeting, the agents commented how great they and the naturalness of them. I ended up receiving multiple offers for representation and the headshots you took were the catalyst of these meetings. I signed with one of the top commercial agencies here in LA. I mean seriously, these agencies receive hundreds of photo submissions and they stopped at yours. So, thank you for making me feel so at ease during our session and capturing that perfect shot. You’re amazing.
Chad Yazawa
Tracy is SIMPLY THE BEST!!!! I've taken so many business photos in my career and now I have one that is just perfect!!! Tracy made it fun and relaxing and talk about quick!!! Truly a pleasure!
Maureen O'Guin
My 18 year old son and I booked back-to-back sessions for headshots. We were both a little nervous about it at first but Tracy's positive, friendly personality and her obvious expertise made it so easy and fun! Her studio is beautiful with a great AC! She was also very helpful in choosing the best pics out of the bunch.
Becky Maltby
Tracy is an excellent creator! She has strong and positive ideas about the finished look and is imaginative in portrayin g a particular industry. Tracy is a consummate professional who makes you look your best!
Deborah Rosenblum
Partner / deReus Architects
Tracy was super professional, reliable and FUN!
Lee Cataluna
Tracy is awesome! I contacted her for Actor Headshots, was excited about doing them yet I still felt a bit nervous. I love being in front of the camera when I'm active and doing something but, sitting for headshots? I feel like it's me vs. the camera. Once I met Tracy and we started chatting, it felt like just a couple of girlfriends just hanging out talking about life, love, and laughter. She also exudes professionalism and expertise. I can't wait until I need to update my photos and "hang out" with her again!
Nikol Luoma
Educator, Mom, Aspiring, Actress
The most professional,talented,brilliant,and intelligent woman I have ever met. If you are looking to raise your image to the next level then Tracy Wright Corvo is your best choice! Be ready to be pleasantly surprised.
Marcelo Sanz
A friend recommended that my husband and I use Tracy for our realtor headshots and I am so glad that we did! The whole process went smoothly from our email communication with her to our photo shoot. She answered all of our questions promptly and sent us tips on how to dress and what to expect during our shoot. She also recommended an excellent hair and makeup artist for me. Tracy's warm and friendly personality made the process extremely enjoyable. The professionalism of her home studio is extremely impressive. Our experience with Tracy was nothing short of awesome and we recommend anyone needing headshots to use her.Thanks, Tracy!
Tiara-Lynn Hall
Realtor-Associate / Green Realty Group
Tracy is such an wonderful woman & photographer! I just shot my new actress headshots with her last week and I am extremely satisfied! She went above and beyond all of my expectations by not only taking the most phenomenal headshots (I have ever captured), but also by being such a lovely person & sharing her beautiful personality / energy during our photoshoot. I HIGHLY recommend Tracy! She is the best at delivering the most phenomenal photos while also blessing you with the most amazing memories and experience. Gotta love her!
Rose Robertson
Tracy is amazing at what she does! The proof is in her product! I was a little nervous about being behind the camera, and she made me feel very comfortable with her confident and down to earth personality.She really cares about the end result, and goes the extra mile to make the consumer happy. You can't go wrong with Tracy! I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone I know!
Melody Pevateaux
I just wanted to let you know how great of a job you did on my head shots. I have actually received quite a few compliments on how great the picture turned out. And will be sure to refer anyone needing headshots to you!
Devin Tryan
Senior Real Estate Specialist / Walt Flood Realty
Tracy is an incredible artist. Not only are her pictures stunning, but her energy is what is most inspiring. I really believe in order to get the best shot, you need someone behind the camera who is just as enthused about the final product as you are, and Tracy is nothing but positive and excited while working. She knows how to bring out the best version of YOU, which is ultimately what’s most important. I’ve contacted acting agents in NYC and LA and immediately received responses by using just the head shots she took of me. This lady knows what she’s doing and I highly highly recommend getting your head shots done with her. You’ll be nothing but pleased!
Darcie Pulawa
Liquid Studios Entertainment Hawaii
I have never had a head shot that I liked! In real life, I think of myself as attractive yet for whatever reason, I don’t photograph well. So for decades I have dreaded getting my picture taken. Until Tracy. She has the magical ability to capture my essence and get it into 2D! I don’t know how she does it, but she takes more of a soul portrait than an ordinary head shot! She is so professional – she put me at ease instantly; she helped me get a makeup and hair person, her lighting, framing, and coaching are star quality! My self esteem has ratcheted up enormously now that I have a head shot to use online and in print that truly captures me. One last thing: I didn’t want a headshot that was an idealized or fake version of me – I can’t stand it when the head shot and the real person are miles apart! Tracy’s work gets the authentic person to show up – and what a gift to have my best face forward! Follow her @TracyWrightCorvo!
Roxanne Darling
Social Media/ Communications/ Mindfulness Meditation
A friend had referred me to Tracy. I checked out her web site (tracywrightcorvo.com), found people that I knew & was impressed with her quality. Personally, I dread taking photo’s as I don’t feel like they come out well! But determined to update my professional head shots for business, I called her and arranged an appointment. Scheduling with her was a breeze; make up and hair all part of the process. She just simplified everything. The minute I arrived at her studio I was welcomed into a friendly & inviting environment. She explained how she approaches her work (which she has an amazing passion for) and then within less than 10 minutes, she had the shot! She moves effortlessly through this process and knows what she’s doing. The whole time I was there it felt as though we were just having fun & playing around. Picking out the photo is an “exercise” for me. Her photo’s came out so well it made selecting the head shot very easy! She even helped me pick which shot conveyed the message I wanted to send to the viewer – I’d never thought to choose a photo that way. I can’t believe I was there for such a short period of time and came out with a picture that I absolutely LOVE. Price wise I always believe you get what you pay for. That day with Tracy I think I got the better deal! I will follow Tracy where ever she goes! Truly…she’s that GREAT at what she does!
Daniele Leong
Tracy does amazing work! I couldn’t believe how effortlessly she made the session feel for me. I hoped to get a few good shots, knowing that I have some difficult angles to work with. I was blown away at how quickly Tracy sent me the link to my proofs and how quickly she sent me the retouched files after I selected the ones I wanted. I was so impressed that I had to tell everyone at work about it!
Mateo Colton
Realtor / Keller Williams
Tracy has photographed my 6 year-old son and daughter three times now. From the photo shoot to the finished pictures and books that she has produced, the experience of working with her has been really wonderful. She is truly gifted in her ability to connect with and capture the personalities of children in pictures. My kids love her. Her photographs are treasures. Her work ethic and professionalism are stellar. I can’t say enough positive things about working with Tracy and I have recommended her to friends and family who have had similar experiences.
Dr. Edi Cooke
My biggest challenge in the past is that I never felt that my professional headshots captured my true personality. Working with Tracy is pure joy. She set me at ease immediately, and gently coached me into poses that worked easily and effortlessly. I value her expertise and opinions. The images she captured in my session “wowed” not only me ( my own worst critic) but also my agent, colleagues, and friends and family. I think I recommend Tracy at least twice a week to people I know looking for amazing studio headshots!
Andy Sikkink
As a young ambitious professional starting my online consulting business, it was incredibly important to accurately represent myself online to my clients as I would likely never meet them in person. I wanted to stay away from the traditional corporate tone that usually follow business editorial photo sessions and create an artistic personal experience with my clients through my photos. Tracy not only completely understood my goals for my pictures, but took them even further than I could have imagined, capturing the personality of my brand in each shot. She was organized, specific, and professional each step of the way creating a seamless, smooth and sincere photography experience. I highly recommend Tracy’s artistic eye for perfection to anyone looking for that picture perfect experience.
Julie Harris
Taking headshots…or photos of any kind, actually…is not one of my favorite things. So, what pleasant surprise to have a good time shooting last summer with Tracy. She’s a total pro who managed to get so many usable shots, my wife and I ended up flipping a coin to choose the best!
Mike Perry
Radio Host / KSSK
Tracy is an incredible artist. Not only are her pictures stunning, but her energy is what is most inspiring. I really believe in order to get the best shot, you need someone behind the camera who is just as enthused about the final product as you are, and Tracy is nothing but positive and excited while working. She knows how to bring out the best version of YOU, which is ultimately what’s most important. Recently, I’ve contacted acting agents in NYC and immediately received responses by using just the head shots she took of me. This lady knows what she’s doing and I highly highly recommend getting your head shots done with her. You’ll be nothing but pleased!
Angela Lanaris
I was tired and stressed-out from my day job before my make-up/hair and photo session. I was also nervous about how the session would go; mainly because I wanted to come out looking like the me I know and not someone else’s version of me. I’ve tried several times to get head shots before, but my experience with Tracy was so much better than anyone else. The people I have done headshots with before emphasized the picture-taking more than the person. Of course the lighting, camera work, colors chosen and all the other technical and design points that go into superior photography are going to be better or worse in the hands of different individuals. I’m not trying to minimize that, but going beyond great technical skills to allow my personality to shine thru is what made Tracy’s session so much better than anyone else. The “getting to know me” part with Tracy brought out the shots I had hoped for but had never been able to get. Sylwia also knew Tracy’s style of lighting and design and was very focused on a natural looking make-up that was complementary. She was a professional from beginning to end. I had a wonderful experience with Tracy and Sylwia. And I appreciate now more than ever the time and skill that go into quality headshots! Thanks so much for running this contest and giving me a fresh start!
Beth Barry
Tracy is a pro, and I’m not just talking about her photography skills. As others have shared, she knows how to put you at ease and capture you at your best through her lens. I *hate* having photos taken, yet I actually enjoyed the afternoon spent with Tracy and I LOVE my portraits!
Jennifer Barrett



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