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Brand Photo Session with Personal Trainer Liz Letchford

By August 24, 2016 March 8th, 2018 BLOG, COMMERCIAL, PORTRAITS
Letchford front pose in blue sports top


with Liz Letchford

Commercial branding photography is for entrepreneurs, small businesses, bloggers, freelancers, and any other industry professionals whose branding calls for an all-encompassing visual package that goes beyond capturing each individual. These packages visually support your entire professional world including product marketing and business branding.

With commercial photography, my team and I focus not only on promoting people and products, but also the lifestyles concepts, and ideas that make your business stand out. We provide the visual counterpart to your brand allowing for greater creative freedom to articulate what you do and how you do it.

I was so thrilled to have my friend, (personal muse) and small business owner, Liz Letchford back in the studio for a commercial branding shoot to help update the photos for her fitness and personal training business.

Letchford close up boxing punch pink gloves
Letchford side pose with pink boxing glove
Liz Letchford curling blue weights
Liz Letchford sitting on blue balance fitness ball
Liz holding blue fitness ball in one arm
Liz side pose in black fitness outfit
Liz Letchford hands on hips holding weights
Liz Letchford kissing lemon in one hand and holding lemon in other
Liz faceshot side pose in blue sports top

“I am an academic, an artist, and a scientist with an entrepreneurial spirit. I am currently pursuing my PhD in Exercise Physiology while working on several fitness and wellness-related business in San Francisco. 

I had plenty of photos and headshots to choose from from my previous work in the film and tv industry, however they were all very actor-y and none of them really conveyed my personality as a health industry professional. I was recently featured by several blogs and organizations for my work with injury prevention research and when they asked for a photo for my bio, I didn’t have anything appropriate to send over. 

I had worked with Tracy in the past and knew that she could deliver beautiful portraits that I would feel comfortable submitting to a widely-read publication (or plastering on a billboard, or printing on my business cards, or bragging about on social media…) 

The quality of Tracy’s work is remarkable, but that isn’t the only thing that keeps me coming back to her studio. Having your photo taken can evoke anxiety even in those with experience in front of the camera, but Tracy’s vibrant personality and addictive laugh makes each session so incredibly light-hearted and fun. She helps you get out of your head and into your body and has truly mastered the art of capturing your unique personality in a photograph. Her skill behind the camera is complemented by her post-production skills. She is able to create the most natural edits and send them over so quickly! Tracy understands the small details that make a good portrait. Its these little details that truly puts Tracy Wright Corvo in a league of her own. 

Would I recommend Tracy to others? Oh, absolutely. I always recommend Tracy, without hesitation. The high quality of her work is undeniable and she is an incredible human with a big heart.” 

-Liz Letchford


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