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Entrepreneur Headshots

By October 28, 2016 September 20th, 2017 HEADSHOTS
kelly allen headshot comparison blouse vs jacket

Entrepreneur Headshot Package

Whether you are an innovator, educator, artist, executive, or entrepreneur, the ability to visually communicate you is crucial. Headshots are much more than a close-up of your face. They are a valuable communication tool used to express who you are and what you do. As a business professional, you are looking for more visibility, engagement, inquiries, and sales. A powerful professional headshot serves as more than just a visual marketing tool. It is a creative partner helping to deliver solid results by elevating and expanding your brand’s message, and serving to communicate with your target clientele.

Our Entrepreneur Headshot Package is our most popular business headshot package because it allows you to be photographed in two different outfits so you have two different headshots with two different looks. We can also shoot your headshots on different colored studio backdrops and in different orientations to give you very different looks. Or you can do one shot indoors and one outdoors.


  • 60 Minute Studio Session
  • Two Looks (Not sure what a look is, check out our photo FAQ’s here)
  • 2 Retouched Headshot Files  – provided in high-res for print and low-res for web + email
  • Flexible in-studio + outdoor location options (for locations outside of the immediate studio area, ask Tracy for quote)
  • Final retouched headshot files are delivered via download link and include a letter of permission for usage.


Hair and makeup services can be booked for you. The fee is $125 – $150 depending on lashes and hair style and is paid directly to the stylist on the day of your session.


trish jordan side pose head shot
Trish Jordan side pose headshot with jacket
jesse barricar headshot with suit jacket and glasses
jesse baricar headshot black collared shirt
Malte business headshot with suit jacket
Malte Heinemann male studio headshot with glasses
kelly allen female headshot with professional jacket
kelly allen female headshot with white blouse
Blonde female smiling for her photoshoot with Tracy Wright Corvo
Entrepreneur Headshot Package with female outside in Hawaii
Chad Sato black shirt side pose headshot
Chad Sato blue shirt side pose headshot

It says that a picture is worth a thousand words. But how much is headshot really worth? Is your headshot articulating the essence that defines you and your brand? Whether you are looking for a business headshot or actor headshot, my team and I have the resources, knowledge, and experience to capture you and what makes you unique. Let us help communicate you.

Book your next Entrepreneur Headshot package today and put your best face forward.

Entrepreneur Headshot Package

Headshot of Tracy Wright Corvo

Hello, I’m Tracy Wright Corvo.

I am a headshot and commercial brand photographer based in Honolulu, Hi.

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