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FSC Architects Brand Photo Session

By March 21, 2017 April 24th, 2018 COMMERCIAL, PORTRAITS
FSC team corporate photography photoshoot

Brand Photo Session with FSC Architects 

Sometimes you just get the ideal client. Such was the case with FSC Architects.

They were in process of rebranding and creating their new website when they contacted me to shoot their new headshots, portraits and team photos for the four principles.

The timing was prefect as their website was almost completed so they knew exactly what photos they needed. Often time clients will call me to shoot photos before the website is really under construction, and as a result, they have no idea what they truly need yet. In my experience, it is better to have most of the website completed, and just have the web designers use stock photos to hold the places where the new photos will go. This way you are not wasting time and money shooting photos that you may not need or photos that may not work in the website design.

The first thing the I do when I receive the client’s contact form is to call them to review their needs.  Then I am able to create and estimate for the job. After that with an on-location session, I always meet with the client to scout the location, learn more about their company, and their branding and review all the details for the shoot day. This meeting is very important. So many things can get lost in translation with email and even with phone calls. In my workflow, I do not charge for this meeting and scouting as it is part of my process and helps me be prepared for the job.

Individual Commercial Photoshoot headshots with the fsc team

This client knew they wanted black and white headshots for the site and a few team photos.  While meeting with them, I suggested that they each get a headshot (closeup) and a 3/4 length portrait so that they had all the photos they would need for their marketing collateral. For the group shots of the four of them, they liked the idea of both a cool portrait with everyone looking at the camera and then a few candids that captured their personalities.  In order to succeed with fun candids, their needs to be a natural interaction between the people one is photographing. This team had great chemistry so, with some direction from me, they were then able to interact and laugh while I was shooting. If clients want these type of shots, but then you have a group of people that doesn’t interact well, this type of candid shot can really fail. I was so fortunate that this team did not have that issue.

After the meeting, I then knew the entire scope of the job and what kind of gear I will need to bring to the shoot.  At that point, I can then book my assistant (s) and the stylist for hair and makeup services.

Unless I am working with a very large corporation or a PR firm, there is not usually an art director involved. This means that I am pretty much working as the photographer and the art director. For this job, I wanted to make sure my idea for cool portraits was in line with the client’s vision. So part of my preparation process was to find examples of portraits in the style that I thought would work best for them. I then emailed the shots and they responded that they loved them. Now I knew for sure that we were all on the same page.  I then printed the best example poses and brought them to the shoot in order to help each person with his/her posing.  

Since there was only one female for this job, I hired the stylist to stay for most of the shoot, to help with touch and to be a second set of eyes on set.  She was very helpful in adjusting clothing and hair and poses while I was shooting.  My assistant could then help with lighting adjustments and working in Adobe LIGHTROOM on the laptop to review the shots.

Commercial Photography with the fsc team black and white
Commercial Photography with the fsc team looking at eachother

For the majority of my work, I shoot tethered to a large monitor (when in studio) or a laptop (when on location.) This allows both myself and the clients to see their shots in live time so that I can coach them into best poses and expressions. This also ensures that the photos are technically proficient and that the client knows what they are getting.  

For me, it is very important to do the best preparation possible for any given job, that way I can then be spontaneous within the moment and give my full attention to my subjects. And hopefully, make the entire photography experience positive and successful for my clients.

Commercial Photography with the fsc team in front of a window black and white
FSC Architects Commercial Photoshoot

Are you ready to update your team’s brand photography? Book your next power team session with my team and I and let us help you put your company’s best face forward. 


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