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The Gift That Keeps on Giving

By November 27, 2017 HEADSHOTS
Tracy Wright Corvo wearing Santa Hat for her Headshot Gift Certificate Special

The Gift That Keeps on Giving All Year Long 


With holiday shopping not getting any easier, and we approach the season of “what the heck am I going to get my – (client, service provider, spouse, friend, parent, teenager, colleague) – for a holiday gift ?,” I have a solution for you! 

Give the gift of them

A professional headshot is a gift that you give up and down the corporate ladder as well as to your best friends, family members, and even clients. Creative, useful, memorable. It’s just the sort of thing we have a hard time doing for ourselves, yet it adds so much value to one’s business, personal life, social media, family walls… you get the picture – get it? “Picture”


Normally, my headshot sessions start at $235; I am offering them starting at $175 for this Gift Certificate special! Purchase as many as you like; however, if you purchase five or more, I will give you one headshot session for FREE! All headshot gift certificates include a beautifully printed document you can wrap and deliver by the method of your choice.​

Holiday Headshot Certificate Prices

  1. Just 1 Headshot | $175.00 
  2. It Takes 2 | $350.00 
  3. 3’s A Charm | $525.00
  4. 5 To-go | $875.00
Holiday Headshot Gift Certificate with Tracy Wright Corvo

All sessions are redeemable after the New Year between January 8th and August 1st, 2018. Hair and makeup services are extra and I have just the right people to recommend. 

Get a head start on your seasonal shopping with our Holiday Headshot Gift Certificates and deck their halls with a professional headshot this holiday season. 

Headshot of Tracy Wright Corvo

Hello, I’m Tracy Wright Corvo.

I am a headshot and commercial brand photographer based in Honolulu, Hi.

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