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Brand Photo Session with Happiness U

By May 27, 2015 April 24th, 2018 BLOG, COMMERCIAL, CREATIVE PROJECTS

Commercial Business Photography for Alice Inoue of Happiness U Honolulu | Tracy Wright Corvo Photography

I have known Alice Inoue for many years, and I’ve always loved working with her.  I was thrilled when she contacted me for new business headshots and commercial portraits for her business in Honolulu.

After speaking with her about her studio headshot session, we thought it would also be a good idea to do a series of environmental portraits of her at her school, Happiness U. We knew that she would be able to use a variety of portraits in her space to market and promote her classes and business.  She worked with Sylwia Farley for hair and makeup and we shot one day in my studio for headshots and another day on site at Happiness U.

Alice has a great smile and warm, happy personality and I really wanted to capture her in a professional yet natural way at her amazing school in Honolulu.

“I am Alice Inoue, and I am the founder and Chief Happiness Officer of Happiness University here in Honolulu, Hawaii. I first became aware of Tracy when I was sorta skimming through Facebook and I would see her before and after photos and I was like “ohhh my goodness, these portraits are so amazing!” So, when it came time for me to decide who I wanted to take my photos I actually contacted Tracy and I just have to say it was so amazing. I reached out and within an hour she called me back and we booked an appointment.

Alice Inoue Business Headshots Tracy Wright Corvo Photography

What I loved most about my shooting experience is even though I was a model for many years there are still things I think we all feel a little bit uncomfortable about how we look and stuff and so what I liked was that before we even started shooting any pictures she talked to me. She asked me “what do I like about myself… what don’t you like…” so I really felt like I could trust her. When you’re taking photos, if you can’t trust the person, or if you’re afraid of how they are going to turn out, you won’t be able to fully relax. So she explained kind of like the psychology that goes into taking pictures and for me that was it. The photoshoot itself took maybe 5 minutes because we didn’t have to take a bunch of shots to get comfortable. I was pretty much immediately comfortable with Tracy.

Alice Inoue Happiness U Business Portrait Tracy Wright Corvo Photography

From that point, I knew I needed some lifestyle photos that I could then use in different ways and when I asked about those, Tracy said yes, she’ll come down to my location and take photos of me at my place of business, in different areas, and doing different things. Again, she called me, she sent a follow-up email, a final confirmation, I just felt everything was so professionally handled, and price wise you think “oh my god for someone like this it’s going to cost me thousands of dollars!” but it shockingly reasonable. I remember thinking, “that’s all?!”

Commercial Photograph Happiness U Tracy Wright Corvo Photography

I really feel like the whole experience was so amazing. I mean, look at these photos that we shot, I’m going to be able to use them for Facebook headers, our tweets, Instagram, our website, all over really. Tracy was so great to say “what about this” or “what do you think of that” and provide such great suggestions throughout the whole shoot thinking of ways we could potentially use the photos. I am so happy.
Would I recommend Tracy…hmmm…ABSOLUTELY! She is so unbelievable, I have already recommended her to so many friends and I think at least a half a done people have already shot with her and have thanked me so much for the great referral so really Tracy is making me look good beyond just the photos. I would definitely recommend Tracy.” 

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