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Brand Photo Session with Julie Harris Design

By May 12, 2015 April 24th, 2018 BLOG, COMMERCIAL, CREATIVE PROJECTS
Website Branding with Julie Harris Design | Tracy Wright Corvo

What can I say?  Julie is a dream client. She was so well organized for her portrait session.  She had planned her outfits and basically knew how many headshots/portraits she needed for her blog site.  I love when a client shares some inspirational images with me prior to their session.  It helps me see and better understand the style, mood, and tone they want to achieve.

As the photographer, I listen to my clients and shoot what they desire, but I also shoot what I feel and think will work best for them.  Julie was open to trying different things that were not on her list – thus allowing me to experiment more and create the unique images for her.  All portrait sessions are a collaboration and a process.  If the client can trust me, and hang in there with the process, then we will have the most success.  I am confident that we will always get the shots, it just may take some time and experimenting for us to get there.

“I am Julie Harris, a creative business consultant, specializing in branding and business development. I work with creative entrepreneurs, bloggers, and small business owners to help them better define who they are and what they do.

Together we collaborate to create brands that look, feel, sounds, and act exactly like them. It’s my goal to make my clients look as professional and approachable online as they are in person.

Website Branding with Julie Harris Design | Tracy Wright Corvo

My business is almost entirely online. I conduct all my services via video chats and social media so having an incredibly clear transparent brand was crucial. My business is me. My clients hire me, my skills, knowledge, and experience to help them bring clarity and confidence to their brands. I knew that I needed to come across as clear and confident as well. Professional photography was the best way I knew how to do that. As a business professional, I knew I didn’t want to jeopardize my brand’s reputation by using unprofessional photography, stock photography, or (god forbid) mobile selfies!

My brand is personal, professional, approachable, confident, and creative, so I knew I needed to convey all of those key elements into my images.

I needed images to use everywhere! All over my website, social media platforms, business materials, powerpoints and so much more! When the main way people are going to recognize my brand is through my images, I knew I needed to fully commit to a photography branding expert.

Website Branding with Julie Harris Design | Tracy Wright Corvo

I am relatively new to Hawaii and wasn’t sure who to go to for professional branding photography so I Googled “business headshots” and Tracy’s name popped up. I sent her an email with a brief description of what I was after and she got back to me that same day. She was so approachable, understanding, and knowledgeable about everything I wanted and needed from my photos.

The first time I worked with Tracy, I purchased a few business headshots, business portrait, and a few creative use shots just to get my business up and running right. Then when I was ready to go all the way, I came back to Tracy to style and shoot all the images for my website and social platforms.

Julie Harris Website Branding
Website Branding with Julie Harris Design

Everything about my photography experience from our initial emails, phone consultations, hair, and makeup, to the final deliverables, was absolutely amazing. 

Tracy communicated with me on everything from my outfits, props, lighting and image usage. Her talented hair and makeup stylist, Sylwia, really helped bring out all the natural qualities in my appearance I wanted to emphasize in my images.

Tracy is truly brilliant. Her ability to not only see beyond the lens but to understand people and what they are really looking for is incredible. Her attention to detail, technical knowledge of photography, and genuine personality make her so easy to collaborate with as we created the overall tone and mood I wanted to convey through my visual brand materials. I had a specific idea in my head of the kinds of photos I wanted to take, but Tracy was able to take my ideas and expand on them way beyond what I could have ever imagined.

I use my photos everywhere! My website branding has been featured in multiple design and branding blogs, guest posts and in educational materials. Everyone I meet is so impressed by the professional appearance of my website and visual branding materials, and that is all thanks to Tracy’s creative brilliance.

Website Branding with Julie Harris Design | Tracy Wright Corvo

I would so recommend Tracy and her team to anyone and everyone serious about making that professional mark in their industry through empowered and engaging brand photography.” 

– Julie Harris, Owner and CEO

With more and more businesses moving online, this style of shoot will become more and more crucial to standing out in this competitive digital world.

For those of you looking to rebrand and enhance the visual elements of your blog or website, check out my new Blog Site, Website, and Full Brand Commercial Branding packages.

Together let’s elevate and expand your brand through professional branding photography.

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