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Meet the Team: Dorys Foltin MUA

By February 21, 2017 September 18th, 2017 BLOG
Meet the Makeup team on Tracy Wright Corvo

We always recommend professional hair and makeup styling for all our teen and adult female clients. While there are a number of professional stylists who work closely with Tracy on a regular basis, Dorys Foltin of Maleana Cosmetics is her go to stylist when it comes to accomplishing that polished, professional, and natural look, enhancing your overall photography results. 

So today, we’re taking some time and getting to know Dorys better and how she and Tracy can help you to put your best face forward this year. 

Meet the Team behind the makup


Tracy: “Dorys is my first choice. She does most of the makeup for my clients.”

Dorys: “We are a team and our locations are very close to each other”

Tracy: “Dorys has this great assistant Alex who is fantastic. She’s really trained her well.

Dorys: “I’ve been doing this for 20 years. It’s speed and technique… I think that’s what really matters, and I think a lot of photographers appreciate that.”

Tracy: “What I like about working with Dorys is, she’s super professional, she knows what she’s doing, and she never loses her cool. She’s just calm, she doesn’t take things personally. My clients are working with the stylist before they’re coming to their headshot session. So her energy and what she says to them and how she prepares them for the shoot is just as important as the quality of the makeup. How people feel going into their shoot is important. And because Dorys is also a photographer she understands the whole process.”

Dorys: “Yes I’ve studied photography too. What I like about working with Tracy is that she always gives me a heads up. She’s very organized and she always gives me little notes about the clients so that I know how to prepare for the session; colors. hair lengths, skin tones… etc.”

Tracy: “Sometimes a client really has concerns about their makeup or wants something specific. I either pass the information along to Dorys or have them call her. If you have really nice makeup, it makes such a difference, because then you don’t have to over-retouch. Nice makeup makes retouching work even better. Because with digital we’re dealing with high definition images, it is so important that the makeup be great.”

Dorys: “I really like to help prep clients for Tracy. I like to tell them there are certain angles you can shoot and it will look really flattering. I strive to make them feel very comfortable with themselves. And I always ask them at the end of the session, ‘do you feel great?’. And I’ve developed sort of a button in my brain. I can sense it. [If they don’t feel good]

Tracy: “Dorys can also give professional advice to clients as to what kind of makeup would suit them best for their headshots. I trust Dorys with advice for my hair too. I wanted something to make my hair look piecey. Without hesitation, she recommended a wax for my hair. It works great!”


Meet the Team 3 images of woman putting on makeup


Tracy “I like people to look their best, but I like them to look natural”

Dorys:  “I specialize in the natural looks. I only use individual lashes to make things look natural. Big lashes can make the eyes look smaller and create shadows.”

I have had my own product line since 2005. My makeup line is made in the US. I’m working with a private label company in New York. I have quite a lot of products but in 2017 I think I’d like to reduce it to 20 staple products.

My latest product is a liquid powder foundation and my lip glosses are popular. I have disposables because I cater to makeup artists too. When Tracy sends me her clients, they get 20 percent off of my products.”

Tracy: “What’s great about her products is that the colors are amazing. I’ve been using some of her products and I just love the colors. I love her lipstick colors. When I was first working with makeup artists, the hardest thing was the lipstick colors. They would look one way, and then I would photograph them and they would look another color. Dorys’ lipsticks don’t do that.”

The makeup team for Tracy Wright Corvo

Investing in professional hair and makeup services will provide you with a look that is polished and fresh before your session begins. Studio lighting is very bright, which helps to even out skin tone, reduce shine, and define eyes and lips. A professional stylist will know how to bring out your best features and minimize any small imperfections making for a faster and easier retouching phase.


Headshot of Tracy Wright Corvo

Hello, I’m Tracy Wright Corvo.

I am a headshot and commercial brand photographer based in Honolulu, Hi.

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