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Modeling Portfolio Photos for Kids and Teens

I shoot headshots and modeling portfolio work for kids ages 5 and up. This is a comp card sample for a young model. There is a headshot on the front and then three different looks on the back. Up-to-date and high quality photos are essential for getting modeling and acting work! Planning your session with kids is different than with adults. Here is a short overview of the most important elements in creating portfolio photos for kids and teens.

Portfolio Requirements for Acting and/or Modeling

  • Actors need a strong close-up headshot and some 8×10 prints with the actor’s full name imprinted.
  • Models, once signed with an agency, will need a headshot (close-up) and then two to three other 3/4 shots or full body shots. These other shots are referred to as “LOOKS.”
  • An agency’s modeling comp card is usually about 5” x 8” on card stock and often has one headshot on the front with the model’s name.
  • The other 2-4 looks are on the back along with personal information like height, weight and clothing sizes.
  • Be sure to leave room for the agency’s name and logo.

At my studio I can shoot a combination of studio shots and outdoor shots. I work mostly with children ages 5 and up.  Many of my clients come back yearly to update their children’s photos. Since kids change so quickly I run specials a few times a year that give parents the opportunity to update their children’s photos at a discounted rate. If you would like to find out about my specials for Portfolio Photos for Kids please join my mailing list.


Young models who book a 3 or 4 look package need to bring 3 to 4 outfits. The headshot outfit can often be used for another shot since it is not seen much in the closeup. All the other looks need to be complete from head to toe. Match footwear and accessories, like hats, toys, bags, props etc. For babies and toddlers, it is a great ide to bring a few favorite toys that can be used in the shots. Be sure to check with the agency to see what they recommend prior to coming to the session. Some agencies have very specific guidelines.

Hair and Makeup

Generally I do not recommend professional makeup services for kids under age 12. Kids need to look like kids. My style is to keep it natural and keep it real. Sometimes having help with hair styles can be a good thing, but nothing too fancy, too mature or too over the top. I can book the hair stylist for my clients as needed. For girls ages 12-17, very light makeup can be nice: mascara and liptint or lipgloss. Again, check with the agency to see what they recommend prior to coming to the session.

To see more of my kids and teens modeling photos, scroll down and then go to my main online gallery here.







teen male studio actor headhotteen actor headshotof girl


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