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Santa Fe

By August 16, 2016 September 20th, 2017 BLOG, PORTRAITS
Freddy playing guitar in desert with dog

Santa Fe

Editorial Portrait Photography Workshop with celebrity photographer, Victoria Will.

During the last week of July I attended Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. I took an editorial workshop with NYC photographer Victoria Will. She was an incredible instructor and we had a great group of 14 photographers in the class.

This was my third professional level workshop at SFW. The experience is always amazing and transformative. And you can’t beat Santa Fe, New Mexico for all its beauty, culture and great foods! At the workshop we have an intense 15-17 hour days filled with learning, shooting, critiques, dinners, shows and more. It is rather like Project Runway for photographers. We push ourselves and get minimal sleep but we love it.

I learned so much about myself and my work and left the workshop feeling re-inspired and ready to create new work! I am so grateful to Victoria for all that she shared with us and grateful to Santa Fe Workshops putting on first class photography workshops.

I stayed a few days after the workshop week so that I could work more with some of the models and take advantage of the beautiful New Mexico landscape.

Michael arm curl tattoo
Katrina in rail yard warehouse and spaghetti crop top
Katrina crosslegged at the rail yard in jean shorts
Amon dancing in warehouse shirtless
Amon sitting shirtless in jeans at weathered warehouse
Donald in brown suit and cowboy hat at ranch
Donald in brown suit barn doors
Sofi desert portrait black thigh high shoes shorts and jacket with blue umbrella
Donald kneeling desert landscape in cowboy hat
Donald and Marjo country side portrait in cowboy hats
Julia in boots and white dress in green field
Tracy preps for photoshoot with donald

These portraits are the result of a creative collaborative session between the workshop models and myself. All the details from tone to mood, wardrobe, position, location, and backdrop are planned in advance, but the final results are organic and as natural as possible, creating a truly authentic moment.

No matter how old or young you are or where you are in your life’s journey, there is something that ticks within you, and it is my job as your photographer to bring forth that from you and capture those qualities in a portrait.

Book your own editorial portrait session with my team and I and let’s capture what ticks within you.

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