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Soul Portrait: Beyond a Business Headshot

By February 1, 2013 August 23rd, 2017 COMMERCIAL

20120406_roxanne_darling_0441r Collaborating with clients to create portraits they can use for their brand identity is really what I love to do. My client Roxanne Darling described it as getting her “soul portrait” because she really wanted photos that reflect her, not just a generic business person. To Roxanne that meant a highly professional portrait (technically speaking) that also captured her true essence.

In today’s competitive on-line marketplace it is more important than ever for business owners to visually represent themselves with authentic professional portraits. People used to have one business headshot that was used on a business card or resume, but now professionals want photos that can be re-purposed across several different platforms.

Business owner Roxanne Darling hired me to do her portraits for her businesses and social media sites. She is very eclectic and actually has several types of work that she does – not unlike a lot of these days.

We did a studio session with neutral backgrounds that yielded a variety of headshots she could use with graphics and text. Then we went outdoors so she had some nice colorful shots in natural settings. My feeling is that if you are going to get ready with proper clothes, hair and makeup, then the portrait session should deliver a variety of shots you can use on various web and print media. Get extra mileage out of your headshot session by thinking ahead – no pun intended!

Roxanne is co-owner of Bare Feet Studios, and she can also be found on her blog In The Transition.

Here are some examples of how Roxanne has used her headshots and portraits.

A magazine ad, a Facebook & web button for a workshop (notice how she merged her logo in the background of the photo); plus two “sliders” used on the home page of her blog. She uses two different head shots for different lines of work – making it easy for people to both notice and track her diverse activities.





Here’s what Roxanne says about working with me:

I have never had a head shot that I liked! In real life, I think of myself as attractive yet for whatever reason, I don’t photograph well. So for decades I have dreaded getting my picture taken.

Until Tracy. She has the magical ability to capture my essence and get it into 2D! I don’t know how she does it, but she takes more of a soul portrait than an ordinary head shot!

She is so professional – she put me at ease instantly; she helped me get a makeup and hair person, her lighting, framing, and coaching are star quality! My self esteem has ratcheted up enormously now that I have a head shot to use online and in print that truly captures me.

One last thing: I didn’t want a headshot that was an idealized or fake version of me – I can’t stand it when the head shot and the real person are miles apart! Tracy’s work gets the authentic person to show up – beautifully so – and what a gift to have my best face forward!