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STEM Girls

By November 1, 2017 November 11th, 2017 BLOG, CREATIVE PROJECTS
STEM girls photoshoot with Tracy Wright Corvo


I am working on new portrait project in hopes of empowering more girls and young women to pursue projects, education, and careers in STEM. I am looking for girls to interview and photograph. Families and the girl’s schools are welcome to have copies of the photographs.

First off, what is STEM?

STEM stands for – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – and is an educational curriculum based on these four core areas with the goal of educating young students through an integrated and applied approach. Instead of separating each of the four subjects, they are taught together, integrating each branch for a more cohesive learning experience, based on real-world situations and examples.
“Robotics is an exciting environment for girls to learn, compete, and be inspired by the world of engineering. Robotics creates a wonderful, safe, and engaging opportunity for girls to learn engineering, mechanical design, programmatic thinking, game strategy, and driving skills — then it wraps this all into the crucible of competition. The dynamics of team competition teach critical soft skills including collaboration, cooperation, and communication. All of which are required to be successful in life. Robotics is so much more than science, technology, engineering, and math and girls are thriving.” – Brian Dote Chief Innovation Officer at Mid-Pacific Institute
I have always been interested in science and technology. But when I was a little girl, I had very little exposure to science education or careers in science. I would have loved to have female role models who were involved in STEM. When I was an elementary school teacher I built most of my curriculum through hands-on science projects through which I integrated all the other subject areas.
I really have a passion for exploring science and technology and I am encouraged that more and more women are pursuing careers in STEM. But I also think we can still do more. The Nobel prize winners in science for 2017 were all men and there are still more men than women being published in major scientific journals. And overall men still dominate in engineering and the tech field. But when I meet and talk to these young girls I start to feel that the tide is changing.
STEM girl student photoshoot with Tracy Wright Corvo

“Hello, my name is Julia Fehér, I am 14 years old, and I am a sophomore attending Sacred Hearts Academy. I love painting, coding, hanging out with my pets, and going to the beach. I recently joined Robotics and it has been a really fun experience. So far, I’ve learned about VEX, a game in which your team builds a robot and can choose to enter it in a competition against other schools/teams. Before Robotics, I was into coding. I once made a project about seals that was featured on MIT’s website: Scratch. I believe STEM is a great way to prepare for the future and can benefit society in so many ways. Personally, I am more of a science person and when I grow up, I really want to be a veterinarian. Someday, I might even build a robot that can perform surgeries that are less invasive than the standard operations. So remember, Keep Calm & STEM On!

– Julia Fehér

STEM Girl photoshoot with Tracy Wright Corvo

“My name is Ereyn Iwamoto I attend Mid-Pacific Institute. I am in the 6th grade. I’m an only child and I have had 3 dogs in my lifetime; I love puppies!  In the past, I’ve taken classes such as ballet, gymnastics, swimming, volleyball, softball, and singing.  Recently, I’ve been taking karate, GENE-ius (science) and robotics classes. These different classes and activities have built my confidence by teaching me how to perform and how to speak in front of people, to ALSO be more assertive and to learn more about STEM.  I’ve developed a love for robotics because it allows me to still be creative by allowing me to think of ways to build and program my robot. But it also teaches me time management, responsibility, problem solving and perseverance; to never give up, even if one design or program doesn’t work, you can always try to find ways to make it better and keep improving. When I grow up I want to be an aerospace engineer.”

– Ereyn Iwamoto

“My name is Kaitlyn Dote, I go to Mid-Pacific. I’m in 8th grade and have been attending Mid-Pacific for 5 years now. When I was little I would try to find out how things work, like my music box. I would research it and figure it out. My dad got me interested in robotics. Some of my other hobbies are, the viola, acting, singing… (performing arts), writing, art.. drawing, painting. I like robotics because of the way it has impacted me. You become really close with your teammates, and also with people from different schools, that you get to meet at tournaments. You become kind of like a family. We learn to have the mindset of problem-solving, we learn how to use power tools, and how to think before we act. Most of all I learned about society through robotics, how gender equality, engineering for girls, women rights… all of those can be connected into the same advocating girl engineers need. I have no clue what I want to be when I grow up, I have two sides of me. One wants to go into engineering the other wants me to continue in the arts. Both of those take a huge commitment and A LOT of work. One of them has a good job waiting with good pay, the other has a lot more work to getting good pay and a good job because there is so much more competition. If I were to be accepted into an art school and engineering school, I would choose art, it’s my true passion, it started when I was little. A musician would be what I want to be, in reality, I will probably end up studying what I enjoy doing sometimes, engineering; to be specific mechanical engineering.

– Kaitlyn Dote

STEM girl student photoshoot with Tracy Wright Corvo

“My name is Bailey Leong and I am 9 years old. I am in fourth grade at Sacred Hearts Academy. I started robotics when I was in first grade. I like robotics because I get to build things and go to competitions. Robotics is not easy. It takes a lot of skill and practice. We use tools and motors and brains and gears and smart cables and different types of wheels. We use a computer to program the robot’s brain. I enjoy reading books, playing with my dog, playing video games, playing legos and spending time with my family. I really like Minecraft! I am going to keep on doing robotics.

– Bailey Leong

STEM girl student photoshoot with Tracy Wright Corvo

“My name is Finley Leong and I am 6 years old. I am in first grade at Sacred Hearts Academy. I always play legos and build things using my imagination. I decided to try robotics class and I like it. I like reading and playing with our dog. At school I like everything! 

– Finley Leong


If you know of any girls or young women role models who would like to participate please have them email me at twc@tracywrightcorvo.com.
We can do better! Role models exist everywhere, help me showcase them and their stories so we can get more girls exposed to and interested in STEM.
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