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The Gift of a Great Headshot

By February 9, 2016 September 20th, 2017 HEADSHOTS, PORTRAITS
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The Gift of a Great Headshot or Portrait

Fall Back In Love With Your Photos

I was the only child in my family who was ever interested in looking at the old family photos. My grandmother’s family came here from Canada, and my great grandmother had a boarding house in Quebec. She always had people coming and going through this big giant home and they would hire photographers to be there sometimes on the weekends. So I had this box of photos to just look through that had been passed on to my grandmother, and there were loads of portraits of people in the family, along with people who were just passing through. Besides being landlords, her family had a hat making business and this portrait below is of my grandmother Rose (the youngest) and her four sisters wearing some of their fancy hats.

Old Photos on Tracy Wright Corvo

I guess we’re missing this now in our culture. The formality of going to the portrait studio to get your portrait done. It used to be a big deal! Not everybody got to do it. It was something that was valued. A form of self-documentation. Self-documentation and a recording of the passing of time.

With the advent of the personal camera and mobile photography providing the ability for people to take their own pictures, this practice stopped. It lost its sense of artistry and craftsmanship.

To me, portrait photography is about so much more than just the technical skills of using a camera. As the photographer, I listen, I understand, and I communicate the cornerstone qualities that make up an individual’s unique personality and then translate those qualities through the lens of my camera. No matter how old or young someone is, or where they are in their life’s journey, there is something that ticks within them, and it’s my job to elicit that and capture those visionary qualities in a portrait.


It’s amazing how many people have come to me and said that they really have never had a quality portrait of themselves that they felt truly captured them and that they were proud of. (OR felt good about). Giving them that is a gift. A gift of so much more than a photograph but a statement piece that they can be proud of forever.
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No matter where you are in your life, whether you are an attorney, teacher, interior designer, actress, model, doctor, mother, or chef, you are all visionary individuals. Powerful people with goals and ambitions to make the most of your life. Whether you’re looking for professional success through a powerful headshot or corporate photography, or you looking for a more personal satisfaction by capturing an authentic portrait of you, I am here to help you make it happen.

I have always just wanted to do portraits of people. You don’t often see that. You see portraits done of famous people all the time. Celebrity photography. Then you have wedding photography and family portraits etc… but people don’t think of themselves. Getting an authentic portrait of one’s self.  When they do, it’s often thought of as egotistical or self-centered and they don’t want to indulge in that.

I’d like to find a way to take that perception away so that people feel confident about investing in themselves.


It’s almost like they won’t allow themselves to go through the experience. It’s as if they think:  “I’m not good enough or worthy enough” “I’m not pretty enough”  “I’m not rich enough” “I don’t think I need it” “I just photograph my kids…”

It may be out of fear of what others might say “Who do you think you are to take photos of yourself?”  There’s all this psychology that goes into it. I find it so fascinating. But then when you give them the gift of an authentic portrait, they are overwhelmed by how personal and prized this investment becomes.

Invest in yourself. Beyond there having to be a professional purpose for portrait, what about the celebration of the individual?  You are worthy!

Are you ready to fall back in love with your headshots?

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